The Future of Rapid Access

A major leap forward in technology and innovation for rapid access, the Knox eLock System is the first complete electronic rapid access solution for emergency responders. The Knox eLock System is designed for maximum security, access, and complete accountability while delivering the ruggedness and quality you have come to expect from the Knox Company.

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Knox eLock System

If you don't see the Knox product you're looking for, please select your jurisdiction again at the top of the page. Then select the appropriate access program (text in red) to see the available Knox products.

Knox eLock System

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If lost or stolen, Knox eKey deactivates and can't be used.

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100 key lock codes allow worry-free sharing with neighboring jurisdictions.

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With complete visibility, the system provides perfect audit trails.

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See how the Knox eLock System is revolutionizing rapid access.

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How does the Knox eLock System Work?

How Does The Knox System Work?

Ideal for inspectors and administrative use, the KnoxDock charges and programs the eKey and syncs data to KnoxConnect from a PC computer.


Cloud-based administrative software, KnoxConnect is the central hub to run reports and sync, configure and manage electronic devices, users and data.

KeySecure® 6

The master key retention device can secure both the eKey and mechanical key enabling Departments to easily transition into the new electronic system. Recorded events of devices are automatically synced to KnoxConnect when KeySecure communicates with the cloud via WiFi or Ethernet.

Knox eKey™

The eKey brings power to the eLock Core, and collects and stores information on key usage and box openings. As a security measure, the eKey won't function when pre-set timer expires.

Knox Products

Knox electronic products require neither batteries nor electrical power to operate.

Knox eLock Core™

The patented non-contact design protects the core from dust and dirt and can be retrofitted into most existing Knox mechanical products.

System Components

KnoxConnect Management System

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  • Cloud-based system software used to configure and manage the Knox eLock System devices and users
  • Admins have the ability to manage users, PIN codes, retrieve audit trail information and create reports from any device using a web browser


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  • Key control device used for securing and charging the electronic Knox eKey and securing a Knox mechanical key
  • Utilizes individualized PIN codes to release keys
  • Modular design with the ability to remove the eKey retainer to upload eKey data and charge in an office location

KeySecure® 6

image of Knox KeySecure 6
  • Key control device used for securing and charging the electronic Knox eKey along with providing an option to secure a Knox mechanical key
  • Utilizes individualized PIN codes to release keys
  • Mounts securely in an apparatus, vehicle or office

Knox eKey

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  • Electronic key designed with multiple layers of security
  • Includes an expiration feature to deactivate the key
  • Collects and stores information on key usage and box openings

Knox eLock Core

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  • Replaces mechanical lock core; most Knox products can be retrofitted
  • Requires no wiring or batteries for power
  • Stores lock codes and audit trail


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  • An alternative method to programming and charging the Knox eKey in an office environment
  • Allows management of a Knox eKey from a computer

KnoxLock Mortise Lock

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  • Retrofits most US standard mortise cylinders
  • Share access for emergency response or mutual aid
  • Restrict access with use of separate lock code

Knox eLock System Applications

The Knox eLock System is engineered to work with other Knox products for an integrated system tailored to your needs.

  • Fire departments
  • Security companies
  • Public safety departments
  • Logistics companies
  • Law enforcement
  • Military
  • Schools
  • Commercial properties
  • Utility companies
  • Healthcare facilities

Rapid Access Moving Forward

Knox Knox eLock System products banner imageKnox Knox eLock System products banner image
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Knox eLock System

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  • What are the power requirements to operate the KeySecure 6?
    • Power source must be either a 7-amp 12-volt Vehicle DC power supply, a 7-amp 12-volt AC adapter. On-shore power is a backup power source and should be used at the station.
    • Internal 3V lithium ion battery maintains time and date if KeySecure should lose power.
  • What happens if a Knox eKey is misplaced?
    • When you remove a Knox eKey from a KeySecure 6, a KeyDefender, or a KnoxDock, a timer starts. When the timer expires, the Knox eKey no longer functions.
    • The timer resets automatically when the Knox eKey is removed from KeySecure 6, KeyDefender, or a KnoxDock using a valid PIN code. Activation time is managed through KnoxConnect Management System by Admin.
  • How can a department set up a mutual aid program with Knox eLock System?
    • Mutual aid or shared access is supported by sharing lock codes between one or more jurisdictions.
    • Contact Knox to coordinate mutual aid programs.
  • Is periodic maintenance required for the Knox eLock?
    The Knox eLock Core does not require periodic maintenance. However, as a best practice, Knox recommends inspection of the KnoxBox annually to ensure the operability of the box and the integrity of the contents.
  • How does the Knox eLock devices connect to KnoxConnect Management System?
    • KnoxConnect is a cloud-based system using network connections (WiFi or Ethernet) to connect to KeySecure 6 or KeyDefender (KeyDefender connects to KnoxConnect via Wi-Fi only).
    • System Administrators can manage users, devices, PIN codes, retrieve audit trail information and create reports from any device using a web browser with internet access.
  • How is audit trail information for all system devices collected?
    • With the Knox eLock System, audit trail collection is automatic when the KeySecure 6 communicates with the cloud via WiFi or Ethernet. KeyDefender is identical but connects via Wi-Fi.  KnoxDock communicates Knox eKey audit trails when KnoxDock software is running.
    • When a KeySecure 6 or KeyDefender syncs, it sends audit trail information to KnoxConnect then it receives all updates from the KnoxConnect Management System.
  • Will the system function if the internet is down?
    • Basic functionality of the system does not require the Internet. Knox eKeys, Knox eLock Core, and the KeySecure 6 and KeyDefender will continue to operate without the Internet.
    • Since the KnoxConnect Management System is web-based, administrative functions, such as adding or deleting users, will not be accessible when the Internet is down.
  • How many audit trails do Knox eLock System devices store?
    KeySecure 6 (up to 16,000 events), KeyDefender (up to 16,000 events), Knox eKey (up to 2,500 events), Knox eLock Core (up to 140 events)
  • How many lock codes are stored?
    Knox eKey (up to 100 lock codes) and Knox eLock Core (1 lock code)
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