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The Power of the Knox Master Key

Knox Rapid Access Solutions provide safe, rapid access into secured properties using one master key.

Authorized keyholders have the power to unlock KnoxBoxes, Gate & Key Switches, Padlocks, and Elevator Boxes for rapid access through:

Secure Entry Points

Contact a Knox representative for information on how to implement the reliable and cost effective Knox Rapid Access Solutions.

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Rapid Access

Ensure immediate entry to secured areas

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Eliminate Barriers

Safely gain access into buildings and gated communities

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Protect Property

Minimize forced entry and protect property from damage

Watch Knox in Action

See how the Knox Program can provide rapid access into secured areas.

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How Knox Solutions Work

It starts with the Knox Master Key.

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Using one key, Knox Rapid Access Solutions eliminate barriers to entry for first responders during an emergency.

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The Knox Master Key enables immediate entry to secured perimeters, gates, buildings, campuses, residences, and commercial properties. Knox Rapid Access Solutions can be customized to fit your needs.

Discover how Knox products provide access into secured areas.

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1. Knox KeySecure®

Store and safeguard the Knox Master Key with a PIN-activated key retention unit, complete with key usage audit trail.

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2. Knox Padlock™

Gain rapid entry through vehicle and pedestrian gates.

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3. Knox Gate & Key Switch™

Gain immediate access through electric gates in residential communities, parking garages, and industrial gate areas.

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4. Knoxbox®

Safeguard access keys for first responders when rapid emergency access is needed.

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Solutions Tailored to Your Needs

Key Control Security

Secure the Knox Master Key.

The Knox KeySecure secures the master key and only releases it to an authorized user with a PIN code. Accountability for master key access provided by unit's retrievable audit trail.

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Facility Access

Reliable rapid access, every time.

Enable immediate access into secured facilities with minimal forced entry, injury or delays. Each KnoxBox is keyed to a single master key that can only accessed by authorized key holders.

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Perimeter Access

Barriers don't stand a chance.

Knox Rapid Access Solutions eliminate the barriers that can delay emergency response. Knox Gate & Key Switches and Padlocks enable rapid entry through perimeters for safer, faster emergency response.

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How To Get Started

Determine the solutions that fit your needs best.

  • System for campus personnel access only
  • Shared access system to give both your organization and first responders access
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Increasing Campus Safety at ASU

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