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The Power of the Knox Master Key

For over 40 Years, Knox has led the industry in providing secure and safe access for first responders. With Knox Rapid Access Solutions, there's no more forced entries or waiting for property owners to unlock doors in the middle of the night.

Designed with simplicity in mind, Knox Rapid Access Solutions use one master key to unlock Knox products in your jurisdiction for immediate access to:

Fire Protection Systems

Contact a Knox representative to learn more and join the 14,000+ Fire Departments who have already chosen Knox Rapid Access Solutions.

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Minimize Barriers

Ensure rapid access into secured areas

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Reduce Injury

Minimize injuries caused by forced entry

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Ensure Access

Enable immediate entry with Knox Rapid Access Solutions

Watch Knox in Action

See how the Knox Program can provide rapid access into secured areas.

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How Knox Solutions Work

It starts with the Knox Master Key.

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Using one key, the Knox Rapid Access System removes barriers to entry when first responders respond to an emergency call.

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The Knox Master Key enables immediate entry to secured perimeters, gates, buildings, and commercial properties. Knox Rapid Access Solutions can be customized to fit your needs.

Discover where Knox products provide access into secured areas.

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1. Knox KeySecure®

Store and safeguard the Knox Master Key with a PIN-activated key retention unit, complete with key usage audit trail.

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2. Knox FDC Lock™

Protect sprinkler systems against vandalism and reduce the cost of replacements with secure FDC caps and plugs.

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3. Knoxbox®

Safeguard access keys for first responders when rapid emergency access is needed.

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4. Knox Document Cabinet™

House vital emergency documents, keys, and access cards for rapid entry in the secure key cabinet.

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5. Knox Elevator Box™

Gain quick emergency access to elevator override and drop keys.

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6. Knox Padlock™

Gain rapid entry through vehicle and pedestrian gates.

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7. Knox Gate & Key Switch™

Gain immediate access through electric gates in residential communities, parking garages, and industrial gate areas.

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8. Knox Remote Power Box™

Remotely operate a shunt trip breaker to safely disable power from a building.

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9. Knox MedVault®

Limit access and drug diversion by securing narcotics in PIN authorized MedVault.

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10. Knox Standpipe Lock™

Protect standpipes, wall hydrants and fire hydrants from debris and vandalism.

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Solutions Tailored to Your Needs

Key Control Security

Secure the Knox Master Key.

The Knox KeySecure secures the master key and only releases it to an authorized user with a PIN code. Accountability for master key access provided by unit's retrievable audit trail.

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Building Access

Access keys, defend disaster.

In an emergency, utilize the KnoxBox to reduce access time and minimize forced entry damage. The dual-lock configuration allows for shared mutual aid between jurisdictions. This high-security key box is UL 1037 listed against physical attack.

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Fire System Protection

Debris could put a stop to water flow.

When Fire Department Connections (FDCs) are clogged with debris, fire sprinkler systems, hydrants and standpipes can be restricted from providing optimal defense. Knox locking FDC Locks, Standpipe Locks, and Storz Locks protect fire systems from vandalism, damage, and debris.

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Perimeter Access

Barriers don't stand a chance.

With the growing trend of gated communities, gaining access through secured perimeters have become more difficult. Knox Rapid Access Solutions allow immediate entry through secured gates and parking garages.

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Power Control

Minimize potential injuries.

With the Knox Remote Power Box, first responders can remotely operate a shunt trip breaker to safely remove power from a building or equipment — minimizing potential injuries.

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Interior and Elevator Access

Think outside the box.

Rapid Access Solutions provide more than just rapid entry. Critical floor plans, elevator drop keys, and other necessary emergency response items are made easily accessible.

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How To Get Started

  • Register for Knox Rapid Access Program at no cost
  • Appoint a Knox Program Coordinator in your department
  • Receive complimentary program support materials
  • Educate local community on system value and benefits
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Need Help Developing a City Ordinance?

  • Use Knox as a resource
  • Learn how a lock box or FDC ordinance is helpful
  • Learn how to structure an ordinance
  • Get example of passed ordinances
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View our case studies and brochures to learn how Knox can benefit your department.

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